Tuesday, July 07, 2015

SPM is coming?

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Hye everyone. It's been long since the last update. Being too busy with final exam and packing to fly back home and . . . . here I am now, Home! Nothing can beat home.

I was just curious on how are the spm candidates prepare for their exam? I took my SPM in 2011 but some still asking me how I studied for my exam as an ex-SPM candidate, they said!

Actually I prepared myself quite late which is not good. In my form 4's year, I played a lot because like many others, I thought that that year was a honeymoon year after struggling hard for PMR. I didn't attend school purposely (which is soooo bad, don't follow my footstep) and I didn't focus in class much. So during the exams, i just answered everything blindly because I really didn't know the answer. I took tuition class for Add Maths because I really like the subject but I couldn't catch with it in class.

The other subjects, nada ! none. I knew nothing. (I still passed but not high enough that I can be proud of)

When I was in form 5, I changed to another school. a better one. A high performance school. They have high expectations of their students. The number of students they targeted for straight A's was also high - half the number student there.

Being in new school, in new environment made me realize that I have to work harder because that year was gonna change my whole life.

Luckily the teachers that taught my class are all so supportive and helpful.

I am so bad in chemistry and physics because i really don't pay attention at all in form 4.
Luckily the teachers did a revision of form 4's topic. i am really grateful.

It's quite challenging because I had to study for form 4 and form 5 's topics in that form 5 year itself. My sejarah teacher was also very good as he helped us to memorize all like a story so we did.

A little advice to all SPM candidates, 

You have to start early with revision and do some short notes because it helps you to do some short revision when you are short of time especially when spm is just around the corner. I actually feel so wasted that I don't take seriously during my form 4 year so I started out quite late. I need to struggle very much to learn all. I didn't sleep much and spent my day in school as much as I can to study. Almost everyday when there is extra class (which is not for me but I insisted on joining so the teacher allow me) at 2pm till 4.30 to 5 pm. After I went home, I took a nap and then continue to study.
If you haven't finish all now, there is still few months left. Everything can change in few months. Burn the midnight oil, try more. Study hard and study smart.
Do mind maps.
Do short notes.
Do a lot of practice from question bank because practices make perfect.
Don't miss your sleep.
Don't miss your meal.
Consult with your teacher about mistakes you made in answering questions.
Do study group and divide your topics so you can save out time.
Make sure you finish reading all. All from your syllabus. Don't miss anything because there might have an unexpected questions.Might.
Don't forget to pray. Ask for His help.

Anyway, All the best ! Goodluck to everyone walaupun exam lama lagi. Be calm. Don't be so nervous cause you might forgot what you studied later.

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