Thursday, June 08, 2017

Patient is your best teacher

"Patient is your best teacher. When you have time, go to the hospital and clerk patient"

A wise man said this to us, students, once. What he said was indeed true. I noticed that though I read about some diseases from those thick huge books, I find it easier to remember all the details through my observation from the patients.

I must say that I am pretty thankful that I am studying here in India as the patients mostly are cooperative although sometimes they get annoyed when you asked question while they are in pain. Some days, you might even be lucky to have patients that speak English. Here, at where I am now, the locals majority use Kannada language, Marathi language or Hindi. I am happy enough if my patients are able to speak Hindi.

Patients here are welcoming the students and they look up on medical students like how they look upon their doctors. They greet you "Namaskar Madam" while smiling brightly.

There was this one time I got a patient with venous ulcer secondary to varicose vein. He was so cooperative which i was thankful about and everyday when I came to check on him, he will always asked whether i have eaten or not. He told me about his problems that led to his newly diagnosed hypertension. I was touched on how he trust me to tell his problem which are personal to him.
Building rapport is not easy with language barrier and the struggle is real guys.

There are also times when I tried to clerk a pediatric patient.Her mother who is her informant couldn't understand a word we're saying so she gave up on us. Yes, I was disappointed but what can I do? I'll just have to go and find another patient.

You know they trust you are good when they asked for your help in the ward like when the IV fluid isn't running or when they need any medication. I am not trained and am not qualified to do that just (without supervision) yet so I call the sister/brother in charge to take a look at them and still I'm happy that they trusted me.

Another doctor told us that when you clerk a patient and you don't know what the disease that are having. A disease that you never learned or never heard of before. You can get all the info from the patient itself. Start by asking the symptoms they are having that brings them to the hospitals. Any investigation done? what are the treatments they are taking? any side effects?
Through all these questions, you'll get to learn the whole thing about the disease. Been there, tried that and acquired the info.

I am definitely not a book worm (I tried to be one) so I try going to hospital everyday if I am able to because patient is your best teacher right?

Lecturers are the best teachers too, don't forget that. So, don't skip class!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Making a VLOG?

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

These few days have been so tough. I almost had a mental breakdown thinking about those chapters I have to revise for the upcoming Professional Exam. Luckily I have not yet reach the limit of breakdown. Hahaha Alhamdullilah. I wish I won't ever enter that zone.

So whenever i study at night, I always have a few minutes (read : hours) gap so that I won't be so tense. I watch some fun videos on YouTube like makeup tutorial, beauty hacks, DIY ideas and more.

I've watched like hundreds of videos and suddenly it struck my mind "I should start making Vlog"

Image result for vlog

Then for days I've been questioning myself,

"Will it begood to make a vlog?" "
"Who'll watch my vids?"
"Am I funny or fun enough to start a vlog?"

What do you think? Should I make one? I actually have several ideas too. I've had video of me covering a song previously but I had it put down because well I don't think I sound good enough for people to judge lol.

What do you think? Vlog sounds fun right?
Such a dilemma haish

Monday, April 18, 2016

Recipe: Nasi Goreng Tomyam

Assalammualaikum, hye!

As I'm writing this up, it's now 11.37 p.m. here in India. It's Sunday so I spent most of my time sleeping and shopping. I do shop here you know but I shop for foods and stuff, no clothes shopping for me yet, sadly. I managed to grab a 5 kg packed of rice with a huge discount. From Rs 800 to Rs 300? This just made my day much more fun!

Actually dari semalam aku teringin makan Nasi Goreng Tomyam jadi alang-alang harini keluar shopping barang dapur, aku beli udang sekali! Setengah kilo udang for Rs 200 ( Approx Rm 12).

Maka, jadilah Nasi Goreng Tomyam aku. First time buat dan berjaya. Menjadi lah kata orang.

Aku google few resepi and campur-campur sebab tu aku nak share so that korang boleh try. Senang je, bahan semua campak campak je , tak tipuu!


Bawang putih 3 ulas - potong dadu
Udang/ayam 500g (sukatan ikut selera masing-masing tau)
Serai 3-4 batang - dipotong bulat-bulat
Bawang merah 1 biji - potong dadu
Pes Tomyam 1 1/2 sudu besar
Sos cili 2 sudu besar
sos tomato 2 sudu besar
sos tiram 1 3/4 sudu besar
Tomato - potong dadu
Sayur kobis dan carrot(potong dadu)
Nasi putih lebih kurang 3 mangkuk
Daun Limau purut - dihiris
Garam secukup rasa
Ajinamoto - jika mahu

1. Panaskan minyak, tumis bawang putih hingga naik bau

2. Masukkan udang/ayam. Masak sehingga udang bertukar warana dan hampir masak. Untuk Ayam, masak sehingga keperang- perangan. 

3. Masukkan serai, biarkan dalam masa seminit,.

4. Masukkan sos cili, sos tomato, garam secubit dan pes tomyam (serta ajinamoto jika mahu). Masak sebentar hingga naik bau.

5. Masukkan nasi, kobis, carrot, tomato dan daun limau purut. Gaul rata.

6. Tambah garam jika perlu. dan siap!

Jadilah Nasi Goreng Tomyam Udang!


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Make Up : L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Goss

Assalammualaikum, hye!

These past few days have been so boring but hectic for me. There are so many things to do but still I feel so bored. I kept on scrolling and scrolling down my phone and suddenly I felt like oh I have to buy a new lipstick or lip gloss or lip tint. So I started hunting down for one.

And finally, I found this L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. I read the review and they said it's good and I straight away click proceed to checkout.

Colour : BAZAAR (GLG834)
Price : Rs 590 (after discount) - approx. RM 34.70

I bought it online so I got some discount for it. Honestly, I like how it turned out for me. 

It has a matte finish as you know and it lasts long too you know! I drank some water, ate my meals and even after few hours, the colours are still there!

This is what I've been looking for Oh thank God!
I finally found another favourite item to the list yahoo! 
Oh I'm so excited but haven't wear it outside just yet but can't wait. 

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