Saturday, April 11, 2015

Medical School : Pregnancy Test

Assalammualaikum !

Semua tau urine pregnancy test kan? Alaaaaahh, strip ada jual kat pharmacy ke Watson, check guna urine (air kencing) untuk check la awak tu pregnant atau tidak.

So, for our OSCE Semester 1 final exam, there was one station where we need to perform the urine pregnancy test using unknown subject's urine. The result was positive.

So, during the OSCE, I performed the steps accordingly then when I get the result, the examiner asked me what is the significance.

So I answered it is because of the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that is presence when someone is pregnant.

Okay dah tu. Then, he asked me could it be false-positive result? Maksudnya that person is not even pregnant tapi result dia positive. I said yes but then he asked again, in what condition?

See, ramai yang tak tahu sebenarnya boleh ada false-positive result kan?

So, here I will tell you about false-positive result of urine pregnancy test.

In most cases, if the result is postive, the chances are that you are most likely pregnant. False positive is rare but in certain cases such as cancer and earlier miscarriage could interfere with the hCG level of our body. And sometimes ada juga medication that will disrupt our hormone.

Pada yang tertanya tanya hCG ni apa kan, sebenarnya hCG ni ialah hormone yang dikeluarkan semasa mengandung. Hormon ni dikeluarkan oleh sel yang akan membentuk placenta (uri). So, kalau buat blood test, around 11 days after conception hCG tu boleh di detect. Kalau guna urine test hari ke 12-14.

Nak cakap lebih, belum deep sangat lagi belajar. Nak bagitau je betapa pentingnya preganacy test ni sebab kadang kadang orang ingat postive mengandung tapi tak sebenanrnya. Jadi lepas check tu kan, refer lah ke doktor sebab diorang boleh buat further check up.

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