Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Making a VLOG?

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

These few days have been so tough. I almost had a mental breakdown thinking about those chapters I have to revise for the upcoming Professional Exam. Luckily I have not yet reach the limit of breakdown. Hahaha Alhamdullilah. I wish I won't ever enter that zone.

So whenever i study at night, I always have a few minutes (read : hours) gap so that I won't be so tense. I watch some fun videos on YouTube like makeup tutorial, beauty hacks, DIY ideas and more.

I've watched like hundreds of videos and suddenly it struck my mind "I should start making Vlog"

Image result for vlog

Then for days I've been questioning myself,

"Will it begood to make a vlog?" "
"Who'll watch my vids?"
"Am I funny or fun enough to start a vlog?"

What do you think? Should I make one? I actually have several ideas too. I've had video of me covering a song previously but I had it put down because well I don't think I sound good enough for people to judge lol.

What do you think? Vlog sounds fun right?
Such a dilemma haish

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