Monday, March 28, 2016

Loose Powder Ringan di Muka


"This is actually my first post after I officially entered Semester 3. Dang another 7 Semester to go till graduation! " is what I'm wanna write initially in this post. This post has actually been in the Draft section for like months. Since September. Now it's almost April. And I in the mid of Semester 4.

I was busy with classes and sleeping and all so kinda neglected my blog, I'm sorry dear blog.

Belgaum has enter it's Summer season now and it is really hot I felt like I'm gonna melt like a snowman!

But what's important is that to maintain your skin condition because this weather makes my skin problematic. Sometimes it's oily and sometimes it's dry.

On my last trip to home, I bought a compact loose powder. I've used it and I've loved it!

From Cyber Colors. I bought it from Sasa Outlet. The promoter recommended me and he successfully got me into buying this. At first, I thought that it was a waste of money but then when I wear it everyday, it's very comfortable as if I'm not wearing any powder on face. It doesn't feel heavy at all!

excuse the ugly looking applicator. p/s:I used it so frequently :p

Below here I want to show you the result

first tap

second and third and..

last. after a few taps!

P/s: Oh yeah one tip for you guys. When you apply loose powder, it's sufficient to just tap tap tap on your face :)

Love it Love it Love it!
They say sharing is caring. I have more products that I love and I want to share with you guys bu I have to finish revising few chapters first then we'll talk more!


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