Thursday, March 24, 2016

Best ke The Revenant?


Hye peeps!

Harini Batman vs Superman keluar dekat cinemas. Many of my friends are excited to watch this movie. Well I'm not a fan of actions movie but for the sake of not being left out, I have to watch this. Yes  but not today.Today is Holy festival in India where they play with coloured powders. It's colourful, everywhere! Sad;y, we're being locked down in the hostel till 1.30pm.

Anyway, most of you guys must have watched The Revenant kan?

I watched it last two to three weeks ago, I can;t remember it precisely but yerp how do you find that movie?

Some people went to watch that movie either they won oscar or they love Leonardo or they really want to watch this movie. Me? Because I just need to watch movie. It is my one and only entertainment on weekends here!

I kinda like ovearall of this story but I am kinda impatient. Each scene was kinda slow, maybe they want us to imagine being there in the wild?

I almost fell asleep for 4 to 5 times during the movies.
When I watched it at first, I really couldn't get the situation and throughout the movies i was like
"who is that native boy who's been following around?"
"Who is the girl that they're looking for?"
"is the girl they're looking for is Leonardo wife or what?"
"how can he walk after being attacked like that?"

The last questions was so arguable. After being attacked by a freaking large bear and got infected, he survived yes it's possible but how can he walk? I know he crawled at first but you did see how bad he was attacked right? his spine was like really crushed. And no way it healed in that sucha short period of time! medically talking, even a fibula,a not really important bone in our body has to be put plaster cast.

this is the scene 

that is a one huge freaking angry bear!

anyway i'm just happy that Leonardo got back home save!

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