Saturday, June 06, 2015

Family, all that matters.

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

In less than a month, I'll be flying home. Luckily I was able to celebrate Hari Raya this year in Malaysia and specifically my hometown. Celebrating at places other that my grandparent's house will not be as thrilled as usual.

When I study abroad, the thing that matters to me that I was thinking when the next holiday I can go back home again? Seriously. Tak kira betapa gembiranya aku kat sini, aku tetap rindu rumah.

Aku tak kata aku gembira sangat. Well, gembira tu ya tapi tak lah reaching tahap yang gembira sangat. Pada aku, semua tempat akan rasa bland. Parents macam garam. Masakan tampa garam rasanya tawar kan. Macam tu lah.

Lebar mana pun senyum aku, lebar lagi kalau aku dengan family aku.

Kuat mana aku ketawa, kuat lagi aku ketawa kalau family aku kat sini.

Sekuat mana pun aku nangis, lagi kuat aku nangis kalau takde dengan family aku.

Because family all that matters.

Kalau aku stress belajar, stress lagi kalau aku tak dapat nak reached their phone.

Bila belajar jauh ni, you learn appreciate the value of home, family, siblings, parents and all. Tak pernah dalam sehari I missed texting them even just a single word "HELLO" "GOODMORNING" "ASSALAMMUALAIKUM"

Ans sometimes even a small question from them can make me fell so happy. Such as "dah makan?"
"buat apa?"

I am someone that love getting attention by my family. It doesn't matter if everyone don't recognize me, as long as I know my family is always there to comfort me.

I have friends. Many friends. You have friends. We all have our own crowd of friends. BUT, how deep and how well do we know our friends? But we know our family well right?

Simply because, Family is all that matters.

20 more days Bella. Keep strong. Time fly like a jet that you don't know and realize till it's gone.

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