Friday, May 15, 2015

Tak kenal maka tak cinta

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Selalu kan dengar orang sebut benda ni. Cinta kat situ tak lah bermaksud cinta yg love sayang. It simply means suka. Maksud ayat ni simple je : Kalau kita tak kenal dan tak tahu, kita taktau kita suka atau tidak.

Ayat ni boleh imply dekat orang yang suka sangat judge a book by its cover. Yelah, air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya.

Nowadays people tend to judge you based on how they see from your outer appearance or characteristics.

Pada aku lah kan, it's not fair. Just look at me. I have kinda snobbish face but ya know it can't be changed. I am like that, well my face is like that but not me. Most of the people around me said to me that their first impression to me was that i looked like a snob.But then the moment i opened my mouth, i sound like a crap which some thought i'm funny because of my 'hambar'.

I am very friendly. So friendly that I can talk to anyone without hesitating. I guess that's the way my parent's taught me to be like.

I tried smiling but it just failed because i tend to over smile. So when i over-smiled, I looked so scary and weird and gatal. I don't purposely give my gatal face but yeah that is how I look when I smile. When I smile a little , maybe like a smirk, they misunderstood me as making fun of them like mengejek.

Pebenda tah. i don't know. Sebab diorang judging aku like that.
What can I do more?

Muka aku straight face kebanyakannya kalinya (bajet serious gitu) tapi aku tak pun. Kau tak kenal aku dan kau tak cukup kenal aku lah kalau macam tu. Orang ingat aku ni like a person that no-fun-to-be-with. You are wrong. Sebab kau judgemntal sangat sampai kau tak nampak.

Well, aku tau aku ada bestfriends yang takkan tinggal aku sebab diorang faham perangai aku. Sebab diorang dah kenal dan cinta dengan aku. sebab tu aku kata tak kenal maka tak cinta.

Wafaa, ecot, dila, iffa, rosie, emy, fit, alya, yan, farah ... diorang semua tu walaupun jauh, faham je aku ni macam mana, tau je bila aku down and they know exactly what you did to me, by you being so judgy. Well, tak kisahpun. hiduplah dengan keadaan judging kau.


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