Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dear Future Me

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Dear Future Me,

     Today I am writing this because I wanted to remind you of yourself. In few years time you will get matured and busy and you might forget how you actually like. I know that you will get busy and all but when you have times, do read this back. I hope that when you find yourself busy and addicted and committed to your later, you will still find time for yourself to have fun because you are not the kind of people that likes to stay-home-doing-nothing.

     You are a kind of people that can't stick onto something for a very long time. If you are currently eating snacks while reading back all this on a weekend, I tell you this : GET A LIFE. Go out and have some fun. Find the adventurous side of you again. Go out and meet some friends. You know you can never be without your friends. If you think your friends have forgotten about you, you are wrong! Call them Bella! Call them.

     If you are already working now, I (younger version of you) want to congratulate you. Enjoy your life as working adults. Hey, are you married? If you do, you know that you are happy now right. I know you are now. This is what you dreamed before. Having a job, a small family of yours. Don't work too hard till you've forgotten about your family. You've always wanted to become a successful housewife. I suggested that you become a very successful working women first then only you retired okay? Living in the year you are is difficult right, everything require money. Work hard Bella, save as much money as you can for your children later on and not to forget, repay back your parents by giving them a very luxury life because this is one of your dream too.

     By the way, you always want to travel across the world. Have you done that? Go girl, go chase out your dream.

    Lastly before I ended this small letter to you, my future self, I really hope that by the day you read this, you have become someone that can express your inner feelings. Don't keep everything to yourself. Others, they ready to listen to you. Don't  let those who don;t care about you be the reason why.

     You always tell your parents that you love them like everyday! Do you still do that? I hope you do. Please continue do this please.

                                                                                                                      With love,
                                                                                                                       younger version of you.

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