Friday, April 24, 2015

My Love

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Everybody knows what is love. Love is something so subjective, depending how you would express it - loving an object or a person.

Loving a person. You must have somebody that you love in your life right? It's not specifically towards boyfriend or girlfriend, it could also be your family members, friends and pets maybe?

I love my parents and siblings, of course and I also had experienced of loving someone else too. Hahaha.

I'm 21 years old this year so there's no wrong in thinking about having a boyfriend at this age huh? This is the age where I should think about marriage and my future because a single wrong steps could crash down my whole life and I don't want that.

Many have been asking me who is that 'person', the person I love. Well, I haven't think about this yet. Maybe I haven't found the one. I told them, I haven't found the one but they insist of me finding one.

What is the rush here?

I have 4 and a half years more to complete my course. Yes, I don't mind if I am destined to get married early but I shouldn't rush into anything. Having someone in your life is a big decision and it is not like choosing shoes or handbags although i know that it can be difficult at times too !

I would be lying if I say that I don't like anyone at this moment but this is just a crush that I know that nothing will happen because this is something called admiring somebody else.

I have been in several relationships before and it all ended in short period. The longest was almost a year, if i'm not mistaken. Although each breakups were nicely ended, I just afraid of having another one now. At this age, it is no longer a puppy love.

You have to meet with the right one then only you can think of being serious. How so? - by meeting the wrong one then we will know who is the right one.

Yes, I know it is complicated and my life already is complicated so i don't need a double complicated thing happening in my life at the same time.

I decided to wait and see. Should I? Or should I start worrying that I haven't found one right now? or should I asked my parents to find one?

Naaaaaaaaah, this is too burdening to think right now. I have final year 1 exam in 2 months time. Do I sound like a nerd? I really need to start being a hardworking nerd, i really do.

Kalau ada, jumpalah nanti, kalau tak jumpa, nanti baru kita pikir pikir sampai pening.

But it is nice to see my friends and theirs being happy and all.
*slapping my own cheek*
Come on Bella, just wait for a little more. Maybe it will come, we'll see.

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