Monday, March 23, 2015



I bet that everyone here has their own friends right? A best friend? yeah, sure!

True Friends are the one that are always there no matter how bad you looks, whether you are happy or sad and more. They don’t choose any situation they like to be with you always. Being with you doesn't mean that there are standing and hugging you each and every time. It means that no matter how far you both are, you just knew that whatever happens you have that true friend that will never leave you.

I have many true friends and I am happy and grateful to have them around. I am so lucky that I get to know these amazing people.

They always ask me if I am okay or not, whether I got any problem and I have, they will listen to it.
When I am alone in my room, there are people that will ask me whether I have eaten or not, do I want to eat? During the weekends, they will ask me do I want to go out, do you want to do anything crazy?

Relationship - problems.

All relationships have problems; the difference is that how you handle the situation.

I once argued with my friend over a small thing and we didn't talk for about hours but then she realized that she was wrong and came to see me. I know that we both made mistake because I did talk back loudly too as I was angry, so I said sorry too. These was years ago and now we keep saying that we miss each other. 
A true friend is when how big your argument is, it never lasts long.

You can’t stay still and not talking to each other or didn't talk but your body language says it all, that what true friends are like.

I miss having all these around me. There are so far away. When I miss you guys, I’ll just cry it out. But no matter how far I am, no matter how long I didn't see them, they always remember and ask me how I was doing, do I have fun, and more.

They just understand you. So much!

True friends believe you, never leave you and understand you the most.


So, people, love your friends.

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