Thursday, October 30, 2014

Passion for Flowers


Flowers. Banyak jenis. For me, flowers can make me feel calm and at peace.

Bila banyak masalah, I look at flowers.

Bila banyak kerja, I release to flowers.

Bila tension, I talk to flowers.
Bila flowers layu, layunya hati. Well, berbunga tak ayat. Are my words flowery enough to make you flutter?

Flutter like a butterfly my dear and rest a while at my colourful garden of flowers but I hate bugs and insects. They are too small to be seen with my pair of rabun eyes.

I am not a sweet person just you know that I have heart. A heart that looks almost like a garden. Almost.

I want to grew plants but unfortunately my hands aren't born to do gardening.

I like you flowers.

Give me flowers and I like you. Give me flowers without any hidden agenda. Dengan ikhlas please.

Passion to flowers. Colourful flowers. Blooming flowers.

"Give me flowers and a coke, I'll keep you in"

Finally, I was able to decorate my study table with flowers. I am a happy girl!

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