Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Story before the Journey

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Hye semua. Well today is 24th of September. Few more days to go and I don't know what I really feel right now. Whether I'm nervous or am I happy or do i feel like not going? Of course I'm going and have to bear all the home-sick thingy. Please pray that Air Asia ticket from my place to Malaysia here is cheap okay? So that i can fly back more often.

There's so many things to do such as to fill in all the documentation for MARA and then for the university. Then I have to get my Visa quickly done but it seems like Visa is my only problem right know besides packing my bags. My Visa takes 10 working days. Gila lama kan. Jadi kita pun bersabarlah.

These past 2 weeks had been so hectic and tiring that I don't have time to even think about myself. Yeah, I'm fine and thanks if you're asking. Kesian mama kena teman kehulu kehilir sebab dia takut anak dia jalan sorang-sorang. Well at least I have someone to talk to!

11 Sept 14. It's the day we were called for registration. My mom and I took a flight the day before and we rented a car there in Penang so that it is easier to travel here and there.
On the same day, my friends and I, we received the documents needed for Mara.

The next day, we came back home on the first flight of the day. Hari yang paling memenatkan. Dengan aku tak cukup tidurnya, dengan aku mengantuknya, I need to print out all the documents and ingatkan nak buat medical check up but I went to this one clinic and he charging me so high so tak jadi. Kita postpone medical check up.

On Monday, I went to do my Visa in JB. Senang and dekat tapi ambik lebih masa 2 hari dr KL sbb centre kat kat KL.Lepas tu buat medical check up pulak.
Then balik kampung untuk dapatkan sign and stuffs from my penjamin kedua which is my aunt (as you know for oversea Mara mintak 2 penjamin).

Then Isnin kelmarin nak tak nak I went to MARA HQ in KL sebab nak hntar documents by hand, reason dia sebab takut courier tak sampai or salah orang or department. Yes I have this kind of syndrome that made me think negatively as precaution). Balik tu pulak pergi courier XRay and medical reports to USM Kelantan.

I am done for all the documentation stuff. What's left to do is packing which is harder than everything I wrote above. Each time I picked my clothes to bring along, I have this thought in mind saying "Takpayah bawak. nanti nak balik lagi bila cuti" and I hope there's a lot of looong holiday.

That's all for now. Packing is so difficult that I think my luggage will only be full with memories that I will bring together :')


  1. congrats bella, study dekat mana?

    1. thank you. usm-kle, india. tunggu hari nak fly je lagi. :)


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