Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Ignorance is a simple word that even kids at age 5 can describe it perfectly. Ignorance is you don't care, you don't bother to care. We all said that we wanna live peacefully, happily and etc but why are we being so ignorant?

I am sad to see how people treat each others and how painful it is for me to actually look with my own eyeball.

Manners. Where is your manner?

Respect. Where is your respect?

They say " People don't respect me and why should I? " , it's true, I agreed. but why can't we show it first so others can follow.

Yes, you may say " I tried to smile to them and do good but they why are they still the same? " It's a BIG question mark i can say.

A simple word of appreciation that is Thank You seems so difficult to say huh? I wonder why. We are even taught to say it in school aren't we?

Yeah, they might think ignorance is bliss.

sorry. not for me.

SOMETIMES ignorance is bliss. but not this.

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