Sunday, September 14, 2014

20 Facts about me ( Remake )

Hye u alls!

I made my 20 facts in instagram before this but I deleted it (yes I deleted a lot of things) because I felt that I don't really understand myself.

So here is the remake of my 20 facts (which is not really a fact anymore since most of my friend knew)

1. Berdarah Campuran  Mak Melayu + Ayah India yang kuatnya.

2. Second of three siblings(all girls) but ramai cakap aku ni anak last sebab manja kononnya. K.

3. I wanna be a doctor but I kinda hate injections and blood BUT I improved a lot than before.

4. I am a bit rough from the outside (i guess) but I like girly stuff like cooking, baking and stuff and I can sew well !

5. I am quite short for girls at my age (20) -  +/- 155 cm ~~

6. I am actually quite funny despite of my snobbish looks (it is what most people first's impression to me)

7. I talk a lot. I can talk very fast that once I thought of becoming an announcer.

8. Whenever I'm stress, I create my own maths or add maths questions and try to answer till I'm satisfied.

9. I am (quite) choosy at food. I don't eat lamb or beef, just Chicken. I don't eat all kinds of fish. I only eat certain types of vegetables but I love vege!

10. I actually cry a lot HAHA

11. I am quite strict despite of my clumsy attitude

12. I don't like when things doesn't go as planned.

13. I used to be scared of cats but now not anymore!

14. I love kids and babies walaupun aku ni agak garang sebab nak mendidik kan

15. My ambitions when I was in primary school are : Ahli Bomba, Peguam, Guru. A typical primary students's answer kan?

16. I am funny they say.

17. Referring to number 16, I can be hambar too ehn I do jokes. But they still laugh at my kehambaran.

18. I like shopping when there is sale. Siapa tak suka kan?

19. i am not into IT sangat. I don't follow trend, I follow my needs.

20. I can always be your shoulder for crying and my ears are there to hear your stories.

Basically what they should know. Nothing private here. So many like and dislikes.
Thank you for reading post berjela-jela.

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