Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Kelainan ( Difference)

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Post post yang lama dekat blog ni semua aku dah buang. Banyak sebabnya. One of it sebab rasanya macam tak matured. And then pasal dulu kita tak bertudung sekarang bertudung. Jadi daripada nak buang satu satu gambar, buang semua lagi senang dan takdelah tertinggal apa apa.

Before this, I private this blog and decided to delete this blog and make up a new one which I already did. But then I decided to just change this blog url and delete the all the previous post.

What do you guys think? I am just afraid that if there's any pictures of me not covering aurah that I overlooked and forgot to delete them. Although I felt so sad to deleted hundreds of blog entries but nahhhh I can do it all over again right?

That's all lah I want to say. bye.

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